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The mere stretch of the country from the Eastern Himalayan Ranges to Andaman Sea in the South, blesses the country with a variety of incredible races of people & enriched natural beauty. Myanmar has many ethnic groups which seamlessly blend together to make this great country. There are about 135 national races and estimated population of over 50 million. All these groups have their own cultures and traditions, thus make Myanmar appeal in different ways for all kinds of taste .

The` Htut Win @ Myanmar

The` Htut Win, author of two collections of poetry, was born in the city of memories. She received degrees in Agriculture from Ye Zin University and believed in Buddhism.Her first collection of poems, THE DREAM PRINCE, was published by Sar Pay Law Ka in 2006, followed by The CONFESSION in 2008. The` taught herself to read and write poem since childhood, and he began to compose poetry since 10 years old. She currently resides in Basein (Pathein) – a charming town not far from the coastal area of Myanmar.